Do you have a business card for all the different roles in your life?

For 400 years business cards have always been an important part of professional networking. People have used them to exchange business information at events and meetings. But what about all the other roles we all play in our lives?

Are you a parent? Do you volunteer? Maybe you’re part of a group or in a band. You meet so many people in your life in these different roles all the time. How do you exchange information with those people?

You probably wouldn’t hand them a business card. Your “professional” contact information probably isn’t the way you want certain people to contact you. I know I don’t want my son’s baseball coach to email me at work. I’d rather be contacted on my personal phone about the next game or practice details. On the other hand, when I speak at conferences I don’t want everyone I come in contact with to get my personal phone number, I want to be able to just share my website, Twitter, and SlideShare info.

Partially because of my role as Product Designer at Convey and partially just out of sheer curiosity, I’ve been chatting with new people I meet about their business card habits – it’s resulted in a bit of grassroots market research because so many people have expressed the same issues.

It seems most people just have a business card for their professional information, so when they exchange their information in a personal setting it’s usually through a text and they usually only input the minimum amount of information to ease the awkwardness. We end up with contacts on our phones like “Lucy’s mom”, “Maggie (babysitter), or just “Mike” … good luck remembering who Mike is.

As I am having these conversations and asking people about their different interests and activities the light bulb goes off – they realize they do need more than one card.

Having more than one business card allows you to:

  • Control what info you share with all the people that you interact with on a day-to-day basis.
  • Choose which card to use to share the best way for someone to contact you.
  • Share just the information that person needs to reach you

The problem with multiple business cards? They’re expensive to make, bulky to carry around, come in limited quantities, and both of you still have to go in and enter each other’s information into your phones. All these issues are why centuries of status quo in the business card world is finally being disrupted – we are finally seeing the shift towards digital business cards… like Convey.

One of my favorite features of Convey is that you can make as many cards as you can think of. Right now, I have seven different cards for different areas of my life – and I’m sure I’ll come up with more. It lets me share just want I want to share for the situations and person. What makes this feature even better is that I know exactly who I shared it with. This is great for work because I can segment these people into an audience. For personal cards, this lets me easily let those people know if there is a change in my information.

Need some tips and ideas for creating and using different cards?

  • Create a card for an event and always know who you met there. Name the card for the event (don’t worry, only you see this) and set the info that you want to share with the people you meet.
  • If you’re at a conference or a multi-day event, take a selfie each day and change your card’s photo. This way, anyone you share your card with will remember exactly how you looked when you met.
  • Exchanging information with people in your kid’s play group or sports teams? You can list your parent role in the title and your kid’s name in the “company” fields and add a picture of you and your kid. That way, anyone you share with can place your face with which kid is yours.
  • Add a link to your design portfolio or band page in the card, or create a business landing page on your website and use that link so you can send people straight to where you want them to go.

Multiple cards allow you to connect in the best way with each of your different networks – school, meetups, volunteering, extracurriculars, friend groups, family, and more. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Do you have a need for multiple business cards for the different roles you hold? Check out Convey and create one for every role in your life.

Need more proof that digital business cards are the way to go? Check out the 12 stats that will convince you to stop using paper business cards.

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