How We Share: Contact Sharing Habits Infographic

We did a lot of market research before starting to work on our app, Convey, and we created this nifty infographic from one of our studies to illustrate some interesting insights.

We surveyed 197 professionals about their contact sharing habits and found that they are all over the map. There is no dominant method that the majority of people use to exchange information or to store that information. When it comes to business cards, only 18% of people typically exchange business cards when they meet someone, and only 22% of people always remember to enter the information into their computer or mobile device. So most of us are pretty spotty on the data entry part, and given all of the ways we are exchanging information, we probably don’t have the contact information handy when we actually want to use it.

Download a high resolution PDF of this infographic here for your viewing pleasure.
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