Best Tools to Help Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Let’s be honest, we all know that “time = money”, so any tool that can help us be more productive is good for business (and our sanity). There are many tools out there that claim to help companies become more productive, but it can be difficult to sort through them and test what works and what doesn’t.

Our team at Convey is small but mighty, and we’ve tested out a lot of different tools to see how they can help us be more effective. We want to share with you a few of our favorite tools that help us better use our time and become a more productive and efficient team.

Chris Baran, DevOps: My favorite software tool is Microsoft OneNote.  It’s a robust note-taking tool that works seamlessly with my iPhone, desktop, and browser (via Office 365).  I love that it’s free form – meaning you can take notes wherever and however you’d like on each page – and that you can include pictures, hand drawings, media, and other attachments right in the middle of your notes.

Erica Yesko, Operations: My favorite tool is Slack. I used to dread using it. I thought it was just “one more thing to check and keep up with”.  However, I have found that it keeps the team out of e-mail and more into real-time, meaningful (and sometimes just humorous) collaboration.

Ryan Niro, DevelopmentSlack is also my favorite productivity tool. Their voice and video calling, even on the mobile platform, is a game changer for team collaboration. Its on-the-fly channel and group segmentation allows for focused discussion, while the attention to features, like feedback, keeps the chat sessions light and fun.

Diana Prodan, Content & Engagement: My favorite tool that I use is Grammarly. As a self-professed “grammar bunny”, I pride myself on writing without too many major errors, but even if I do have a few flubs, Grammarly is there to catch it. On top of that – Grammarly give a “weekly insights” update that shows stats on your productivity, accuracy, and vocabulary so you can see how much you’re improving.

Nicole Capuana, Product Design & Experiments: One of my favorite tools we use is Zeplin which helps the product team stay on the same page by allowing us to share mockups and assets for production. This helps the developers easily download the assets, know the colors, type sizes, and spacing. Without this tool, we’d inevitably have the UI come out differently than the mockups and developers would be waiting for the designers to export assets. After introducing this tool to the team, everyone can’t imagine going back to the old way.

Jameson McMaster, Design: I’m a big fan of Asana and it’s super simple usability. For me, as a designer working with a marketing team, it’s the fastest method to assign and add high-level tasks. I also love the ability to view tasks in several different views and layouts depending on the type of project.

James Mosier, Development: One of my favorite productivity tools is a little Mac extension called Screenie. Screenie allows me to quickly manage screenshots I have taken on my laptop and drag them to the various applications/websites I use on a daily basis right from the top status bar of my Mac. On Windows, I like to use ShareX which is an easy way to capture and edit screenshots with a ton of customizable options.

Runner-up is LastPass for managing all of my passwords in a secure and cross-platform

Luke Andrews, Marketing: I second LastPass as my favorite productivity tool – in addition to better security, the ability to collaborate and share login info securely is clutch.

I’m a bit of a nerd and am constantly finding interesting articles on all kinds of topic. I use Pocket a for capturing things to read later (which I typically do but even if I don’t it absolves me of the guilt of not marking I for later).

Fantastical for iPhone, iPad, and Mac is also great, it allows me to manage calendars across Gmail, iCloud, and Exchange (yes, sadly I have calendars across all those systems).

Of course, we can’t make a list of our favorite productivity tools without mentioning Convey. Convey helps us be more productive by connecting us to the people that mean the most to us and keeping our networks up-to-date so we never again struggle with reaching business contacts when we need to.

Looking for more tips on productivity and networking? Check out our blog for all the most recent posts from Convey.

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Best Tools to Help Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Best Tools to Help Increase Your Team’s Productivity

| Grow | No Comments
Let’s be honest, we all know that “time = money”, so any tool that can…

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