New Year’s Resolutions for Sales Teams

It’s the New Year – the perfect time to reflect on the past year and prepare our efforts on fresh, new opportunities. As we begin to refocus our priorities on new business goals and sales targets, we say “out with the old, in with the new” – it’s time to get rid of the practices that didn’t work in the previous year and get ready to crush your goals in the new one.

The sales industry is constantly evolving, and the most successful people are the ones that evolve with it. In that spirit, here are some New Year’s resolutions for sales teams to make sure they have a productive 2018.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

More than ever before, it’s important that your company gets serious about true collaboration across the whole organization. Getting every department – from marketing to sales to customer support – all on the same page will help your organization understand your customers better and tailor the sales process to serve their unique needs.

According to research by Salesforce, 73% of sales teams say collaborating across departments is critical to the overall sales process. Instead of each team working in individual silos, marketing, sales, and customer service can maximize their efforts by communicating better and providing feedback to each other to ultimately satisfy the needs of prospects and customers.

Arm Your Team with the Best Tools for Success

Your company can hire the best and the brightest sales reps ever, but for them to perform at their highest efficiency, they need the newest and best tools available to them. According to the State of Sales, sales reps spend 64% of their time on non-selling tasks. Why not help your reps stop wasting energy by giving them the technology that they need to reach their true potential. Smart technologies and artificial intelligence that are emerging in the marketplace will align with current collaboration tools, video chats, paper-to-digital contracts, and, of course, connection platforms like Convey (shameless promotion) to better help your sales reps help your customers.

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Build Trust Through Thought Leadership and Generosity

How do you build trust with your customers? Don’t only contact them when you need something. Communicate with your audience when you can provide value. Give them as much help and insights as you can without asking for anything in return. Leverage your content channels – blog, email, social – to provide content that they can use, whether educational, informational, or just plain interesting.

Make it a point to stay on top of industry trends and share that research and information with your customers. Help your prospects face the challenges that they come across in the industry. By making that investment, you show your audience that you can be a trusted advisor and you can do a good job providing for them.

Stop Worry About “Always Closing” and Start Building Relationships

“ABC. ‘A’, always. ‘B’, be. ‘C’, closing. ALWAYS BE CLOSING. Always be closing.” That’s the mantra from the sales themed movie Glengarry Glen Ross. Is that your team’s sales mantra too? Well it is prime time to stop that trend. While closing is certainly the ultimate goal of sales, customers have become wise to these tactics and are looking for a different experience these days.

Customers enter the sales process much more informed because they do research well before even reaching out. They are much more likely to purchase from a source that they can trust and that they have a strong bond with.

Turns out, your potential customers are real, actual people… not just a robot in a suit. A good sales person knows that converting people into customers means getting down to the bottom of what their motivations, struggles, desires, and reservations are. That means building a strong relationship with your prospective customers well before a sale is made. By doing that, you can help them solve their most difficult challenges and they will trust you to provide for them.

Keep the Team Happy and Healthy

2018 is the year that you come to terms with the fact that your team is your company’s most prized possession. Happy and healthy employees are more productive… in fact, happiness can boost productivity by 10 percent. So what makes employees happy? This article says that among other things, a good work/life balance, positive working relationships, a healthy environment, and a sense of purpose and value are among the most important things that keep employees productive.

2018 – The Year of Relationship Sales

Technology has certainly made our lives easier – We use automation to send our emails, we use AI to write our social media messages, and we track our customers in our CRM system – but what’s missing in all those examples is the connection with the people on the other side. That’s why 2018 is going to be the year to start embracing interactions with people. Specifically in our professional lives, that means other employees, other departments, and the prospects, clients, and audiences that we come in contact with every day. According to an article by the Harvard Business Review, trends are moving away from building powerful brands and toward building better customer relationships. This study aligns with our beliefs and our overall New Year’s resolution for 2018: to begin forming relationships so we can start building better connections and help each other reach new heights in our professional lives.

Interested in reading more about how technology has changed how we connect with people in our professional lives? Check out our blog It’s About Connections, Not Contacts.

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