What We’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving

An important piece of our team’s culture is that we always take the time to step back and look at the big picture of what we’ve accomplished. We’ve found that teams and people that reflect on where they’ve come from are often happier and more productive. A good understanding of what worked and what didn’t helps us understand where we should go next.  

As we get ready to enjoy dinner with friends and family celebrating Thanksgiving this week before heading into the holiday season, the Convey team got together as a team to reflect on the past year. We wanted to share with you all the things we’re thankful for that have gotten us to where we are today and all the things that are forming our future:  

Putting Culture First 

We are thankful that we took the time from the very beginning to invest in the culture of the organization first. Our culture is the foundation of Convey, and it has led us to an organization that is relentlessly focused on people and their needs.

Our Second Home 

We’re so thankful that we’ve been able to find a great office space that fits our team. We’re lucky that we’ve had the opportunity to give it some character and make it our own. Sure, we’ve had our hiccups with the place, but with that, we get to learn something new… like sometimes drop cloths are necessary and that brooms may not be the best method for taking care of bees in the office. ? 

We’ve Got Everything We Need 

We love the tools we have access to that allow us to collaborate and move fast. Fast Mac’s and big screens make the hours of development and design work easier. Tools like Zoom and Slack help keep us all on the same page even when teammates are remote.

Our Lovely Families 

Being a family member of a startup employee isn’t easy. Along this journey, our husbands, wives, significant others, kids, and parents are all affected. Things happen fast and we sometimes keep long hours and last-minute needs often come up. That’s why we’re so thankful that the important people in our lives bear with us. Not to mention all the wonderful pets in our lives that like to pop onto the screens of our online meetings.

Work Perks 

We’re thankful for all the perks and benefits that come with being part of the Convey team. The coffee, snacks, and treats needed to power through the 2pm sleepies. A seemingly unlimited supply of post-its, markers, and whiteboards. Getting out of the office together to celebrate our personal or professional wins. To our weekly lunch-and-learns that bring us together over a meal to bond while we explore topics around technology, culture, and how we can impact our community. This is a special place made up of special people.

The Best Team in the World ♥

We are thankful for each other. Being able to work on Convey with people who are not just smart, but empathetic and supportive of each other. They are courageous enough to be willing to step out of their comfort zone, adaptable and are always willing to try new things, always available to help when someone needs it, and always laughing about something. We are thankful that our team is happy and healthy and that we have all come together to be more than just coworkers, but family.  

Convey is Live! 

We are so very thankful that Convey is live. Not only were we able to go live in the app store, we went live earlier than we had hoped. We are thankful for our wonderful users that are out there making live connections with the people that mean the most to them. Finally, we’re grateful that we have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, make connecting a little easier, and help people build relationships.  

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The Convey team wishes you a very happy Thanksgiving, and we’re excited to see what’s in store next! 

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