Weekly insights for building strong relationships

June 19, 2018


We said it and we’ll say it again: be gone silos. These days, customers expect a seamless and connected experience from the beginning of their contact through the sale, and beyond. This means that the silos between marketing, sales, and customer support need to be broken down and they don’t just need to communicate, but work together to provide the best experience for the customer.
Three Principles for Navigating and Mapping the “Connected” Customer Journey

What inspires customers to make repeat purchases or purchase subscriptions from a brand? It’s all about really getting to know them. Listening and understanding them, building rapport, and providing customized options for them. As we hurdle toward a relationship-driven economy, customers will shift towards brands that are willing to build connections with them.
Customers are really buying relationships, not subscriptions

Companies are starting to reinvent the wheel when it comes to customer service because customers are demanding a better experience. Check out these trends that Forrester has compiled that are forming in the customer service industry.
Top Customer Service Trends For 2018


Shout out to these awesome Convey users who made the most connections out of 10,000 users last week!
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