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I just got the app but I’m not sure what to do, how do I get started?

Great! Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

What does this app do?

Convey takes the work out of keeping your contacts up-to-date. It is a new way to store, organize, and update your contacts – in fact, it replaces business cards and static contacts with live, dynamic connections so you can build stronger, more valuable professional and personal relationships.

Do you have a pro version?

We’ll be launching a premium version of Convey soon that will include sync, introductions, team sharing, and integrations to sale and marketing automation tools. If you want early access and a sneak-peek at what’s coming, sign up for our Business Preview Program.

My Cards

How do I delete a card?

We’re working on the option to delete cards and stop sharing a card with someone. It’s a little bit tricky because we want to make sure it is a good experience for you and anyone you shared that card with. It’s definitely coming in a future release. In the meantime, if you have a card that you want to delete, you can simply edit it. Clear out any info in it that you don’t want on it or update any field.

My phone or email isn’t showing on my card, why?

Your card view within the app displays the first 4 pieces of information, usually you first and last name, company and title. When you share a card with anyone, they get all the info that you’ve added to your card.

When you receive someone’s card, you’ll see the first 4 pieces of information with buttons to initiate a call, message, or email directly from the card. Cards flip over to show all details. You can see how cards look and work if you check out the Convey Support card in Contacts.

How do I add an extension to a phone number?

You can include extensions on a phone number. Just tap the “+*#” button on the keypad when entering a number, then tap pause 1 or two times and add the extension.

How do I change the background color on my card?

You can choose any color you like for the background of your card. Simply edit your card and tap the edit background icon. You can select a color and even change the intensity level. If you have a specific color to support your brand, just enter the hexadecimal number (if you don’t know what that number is, check with the folks who are in charge of your brand or marketing).

Sending a card

What happens when I send my card to a person who doesn’t have Convey?

When you send your card to someone who doesn’t have Convey, they get your information in a small contact record that they can save to their phone or email. Along with your information, they get a message encouraging them to share their info back using Convey.

I texted my card to someone and it came from a strange number, why?

When your card is sent by text message, it comes from a number assigned us by a service provider we use to send the card. They provide us some detailed delivery success information and it allowed us to enter the market faster than would otherwise be possible. We are working on letting you send directly from your own number.

I sent my card to someone, but they didn’t get it.

If they did not receive the card, double check the number or email address you sent it to. You can see what you sent it to in the card’s share history – just tap the icon in the upper left of the card to see who you sent it to. If you mistyped it, simply send the card again.

Can I see what card I am sharing with a connection?

Yes, simply view their card and you will see which of your cards you are sharing. You can even change which card you are sharing.


What is a live connection?

When you receive a card or connect with someone who has Convey, you have a live connection. This means any changes they make to their card, you instantly get the update. Having a live connection means you never have to worry if you have the correct info – it’s always up-to-date! And likewise, if you make a change or switch which card you are sharing with them, they get the update immediately.

Can I see who I sent cards to?

From your card, you can see a history of who you shared it with by tapping the icon in the upper left of your card. You will see a history that goes from most recent to oldest. You can initiate an email, text or call directly from it.

How do I add a contact?

A contact is created when you send your card by text or email. Any details and notes you add when you send your card will create a contact that is listed on the Contacts tab. You can add on more details by viewing the contact and tapping the edit icon. If that person gets Convey and shares their card back they will become a live connection.

When you receive a card from another Convey user, you will find their it in the Contacts tab. They are a live connection which means if they ever change their info, you instantly get the updates. You are not able to edit a live connection.


What are Notes?

Notes allow you to capture details about a connection or contact. You can add notes either after you send your card or directly on a contact or connection’s card. These notes are private and only visible to you.

When you add dates, phone numbers, and addresses to your notes, you can take action on them right through the app – for example, you can create a reminder or add someone to your contacts list.

What happens to my notes if my subscription ends?

Don’t worry, you’ll always have your notes! Any note can be viewed even after your subscription ends – it just can’t be edited or deleted.

Sync to Address Book

Which Address Books can I Sync to?

You can connect Convey to your Outlook.com, Office 365 or Exchange address book. Soon, you will be able to connect to Google and iCloud too.

How do I set up Sync?

From the app Settings tab, tap “Save to Address Book”. You’ll need to enter your username/email and password to connect it to Convey. Once your account is connected, all of your Relationships will start syncing immediately.

Why did Syncing stop?

If syncing to your address book stopped, check your connection. You may need to reenter your username/email and password again to reconnect Convey to it. If you recently changed your email account’s password, you’ll need to reconnect Convey using the new password.

Sync will automatically stop when your subscription expires. You can subscribe again, at any time, to reactivate the power features in Convey.

How do I get my Convey Relationships into my phone contacts?

Set up Save to Address Book to connect to the email service that your phone’s address book/contacts is using.

Your phone lets you connect multiple email services to your address book. To see what you have set up, go into your phone’s Settings and then Account. You can switch Contacts on for any account listed or add another account.

What info is synced?

Each address book is a little bit different as to how it structures the contact records.

For Office 365 / Outlook.com / Exchange, the contact records have everything you have in Convey except maiden name, suffix, birthday, social profiles, and your Convey notes. This is because there are no fields for that info in the contact record.

Microsoft also has limits on a few fields. Each contact record can have:

  • 5 phone numbers
  • 3 addresses
  • 3 emails
  • 1 URL

These limits should be reasonable for the majority of your synced Convey relationships. Please note, if you make a change to a contact in your Address Book, it will not update their info in Convey.


What is included in my subscription?

When you subscribe to the Convey Power Pack, you unlock powerful features – Notes and Save to Address Book. As an added bonus, you’ll get any new power feature automatically included as we release them.

Subscriptions are monthly and managed through iTunes or Google Play. Subscriptions automatically renew until you choose to end them.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through iTunes or Google Play. When you cancel your subscription, you still access to your subscription for the remainder of time you have already paid for. For example, if you purchased your subscription on May 1st and you cancel on May 5th, you have access to the subscription features until June 1st.

Learn how to cancel a subscription on iTunes and Google Play.

What happens if my subscription ends?

If your subscription expires or is canceled, you still have access to notes you have created and any contact information synced to your address book. You will not be able to add new notes or edit/delete any existing notes and synced contacts will not be updated.

For the Address Book you set up to sync to, disconnecting will remove the notification that sync has stopped.