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Setting up your account

All we need to get you set up is your mobile number and a password. Once you drop those in, you’ll get a text with a Convey code to enter in – it’s that easy.

Didn’t get the text? First, double check your number. It’s also possible that it was blocked by your mobile carrier (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc.) – you may need to contact them. You can also send an email to support@conveyapp.io.

Once you’re verified, there’s just one more step – you’ll be prompted to put in your email address. You’ll want to make sure to do that so we can help you access your account in case you ever forget your password. You’ll get an email from us to verify, simply click the link in the email. Still waiting on that email? Check your spam folder just in case.

Creating your 1st card

You’re all set up, now what? Well you should create your first card of course! You can add as much or as little info as you want. Adding a photo of yourself makes your card more personal. Many people find that having a photo makes it easier to remember the person and a smiling face is always nice.

You can choose to let the app access the contacts on your phone to find your record, so you don’t have to enter all of your info each time you create a card. Plus, if you allow access to your contacts, you’ll be able to send your card to any contact in your phone easily from Convey.

If Convey found multiple contact records for you and you chose the wrong one to use, you can change it. You will want to log out of Convey (from Settings) and then delete Convey. Then reinstall Convey and login. You will be asked which contact record to use again. We know it’s a bit clunky and we have plans to make it better soon.

Create more cards

Everyone’s favorite feature in Convey is that you can create many cards—a card for every aspect of your life! Whether it’s your work card or a card for when you volunteer, the possibilities are endless. To make a new card, just swipe on the My Cards view to get to the Add card (iOS) or tap the + button (Android).

If you want to make a copy from a card you already have, simply tap on the edit icon on the card you want to use then tap the Copy Card button. Add or edit anything you like. Some of our super-networkers like to create a copy of their card for each event they go to. This lets them track who they shared that card with. To help make themselves more memorable, they even add a photo of how they looked that day. Read our blog post on more tips and tricks.

Editing your card

You can make changes to your card by simply tapping on the edit icon in the upper right of your card. Tap on a field to edit it. Tap on the “add” items to add that item to your card.

To clear out any of your info in the name, title, company, and other name fields, tap the clear “x” icon at the end of the field. If you want to remove any emails, addresses, phones, social accounts, or websites, press and slide to the left to reveal the delete button.

You can also change the background color of your card. Tap the edit icon on the colored background and select any color you like. If you have a company color you’d like to use, you can enter the hexadecimal number (if you don’t know what that is, check in with the people in charge of your brand for the number)

When adding your social media profiles to your card, select the network and then enter the last bit of the URL (usually your name or handle).

To save your changes, tap the checkmark icon in the upper right. To cancel, tap the “x”. Once your changes are saved, anyone you have shared your card with who also has Convey will get your updates immediately.

Sharing your card

It’s easy to share your card with someone whether they have Convey or not. Simply select the card you want to share and choose “Send” or “Instant”.

To share your card with someone who does not have Convey or if you’re not near each other, tap “Send” to share your card by text or email. They will receive your card as a contact record that they can tap or click to save to their contacts. If they then get Convey, your contact info will be waiting for them in the app. They can easily share their card with you and you will then have a live connection. This means that if either of you update or change anything, you immediately have the info.

To share with someone who has Convey and you’re in close proximity (about 20”) to each other, tap “Instant”. Your card is instantly sent to their phone. They can tap “Instant” too from their card and you will get their card. If you’re having trouble sharing instantly, make sure you both have Convey open and get the phones closer together.

You can also share a card or change the card you are sharing with a particular connection. Go to their card and share your card back or change which card you are sharing.

Adding Contacts

When you send your information to someone by text or email, a contact is created for that person and it will be listed in the Relationships tab. The contact will include any details and notes you added when sending. You can always add on more details by viewing the contact and tapping the edit icon. If that person gets Convey and shares their card they will become a live connection.

When you receive a card from another Convey user, you will find their card in the Relationships tab. They are a live connection which means if they ever change their info, you instantly get the updates. You can’t edit a live connection because this is the information that your connection wants to share with you.

Making Connections

When you connect with another Convey user, you have a live connection. You never have to worry whether you have their latest information. Convey automatically updates if there is a change.

All of your connections are listed in your Convey Relationships. You can view their information and even initiate a call, message or email directly from their card. From their card, you can see which of your cards you are sharing with them and change the card you’re sharing if you want to.

You can sort and filter your connections and contacts, so you can easily find who you are looking for. You can also search by name or company.

Tracking who you shared your card with

From your card, you can see a history of who you shared it with by tapping the icon in the upper left of your card. You will see a history that goes from most recent to oldest.You can tap any person in the list and it will take you to their information where you can initiate an email, text, or call.

Permissions needed for best experience

Using your device location automatically adds the where and when you made a connection, plus it lets you instantly share your card even when you are offline or have poor cell service.

Access to contacts
Accessing your phone’s contacts lets you create your card without typing all your info in. Also, if you want to send your info by text or email to someone in your contacts, the app can find matches and then fill in the details if selected.

Access to camera and photos
Both let you choose what image you want to add to your card, whether that is taking a photo or selecting one you already have on your phone.

This is how contact updates are pushed to the app silently in the background. New connections also come into the app and then a badge display lets you know.

Powering up Convey

Boost your productivity with Notes and Sync to Address Book when you get the Convey Power Pack.

Never forget important details! You can add notes to any of your relationships so you can keep track of all the little details from what their favorite products are to specific dates for followup. Add as many notes as you like. Each note will let you type up to 4000 characters – that’s a lot.

Automatically add your Convey relationships to your address book so you always have their info at your fingertips. When you connect Convey to your Exchange / Office 365 / Outlook.com or Google contacts account, you get new relationships and any updated ones instantly synced.

Convey Power Pack is available as a monthly subscription.

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